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Monday, February 11, 2008

Winter Can Kiss My Ass

Yesterday was the worst day for weather since junior year of college. That was the first year of off-campus housing and a half-hour walk. It was also the year the sidewalks had two inches of ice for the entire winter and I fell on my ass every few days.

But YESTERDAY! Yesterday, the temperature dropped to 3°F and the wind was blowing 50+mph along the lakeshore where I live. The sliding door onto my balcony was installed 30 years ago and hasn't seen a repair since. So it stops cold air about as much as an open window. Without exaggeration, there is a half-inch of snow inside my apartment next to the door. Not melting snow, either. Consistently frozen snow. The whole apartment is about 55°F except for the bedroom. The only reason the bedroom is not so cold is because I encased the through-wall air conditioner in plastic wrap and duct tape. It also stops cold air about as much as an open window. Now it looks like a leftover air conditioner sandwich in all that plastic wrap.

But the real problem with the weather happened while walking to my car. The wind was blowing harder than ever before seen on Earth and the parking lot was covered by a sheet of ice. When we got near my car, the wind gusted and blew us right past the car. With no footholds on the sheet of ice, we blew on by. This is a problem! What if the wind didn't die down? We could have been blown clear into the street and run over by a snow plow. You can get fined for that kind of thing!

My Review: 0.2 (out of 10)

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