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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Day's Events

The majority of the time, Emily and I have fine conversation. Interesting happenings in friends' lives, job developments, plans for the future, jokes about elephant vagina, and the topics are all interspersed with a few farts here and there.

But there is also the big rotten topic of "How Was Your Day?"

I usually answer, "Pretty good." Or maybe, "It sucked because I got robbed in the parking lot." But Emily! Emily is very detailed and chronological about recounting the day's events. "I was so tired this morning because I couldn't sleep maybe it was too much coffee yesterday I don't know but I woke up and had some more coffee with my breakfast but I am out of bananas so I had to put jam on my toast instead and I ran outside today but it was awfully cold and my feet were freezing but at least work was ok because Karen was there today...."

So I try not to ask the question. Instead, I ask more specific questions like, "Did you eat corn for lunch?" She gives a one-word answer and then we can move on to more important things, like what would happen if you put a bear in a hot tub. But the other day, she cornered me. She came in while I was showering and she sat down on the toilet seat to tell me all about her day! I had nowhere to go! She went on and on and I had no choice but to wash my hair and listen.

"I got this new shirt today and I kind of like it but it there was this other shirt on the sale rack that was even nicer but I looked at the tag and it wasn't on sale I asked the girl if it was on sale because it was on the rack she said no so I had to get this shirt instead...."



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