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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Day's Events

The majority of the time, Emily and I have fine conversation. Interesting happenings in friends' lives, job developments, plans for the future, jokes about elephant vagina, and the topics are all interspersed with a few farts here and there.

But there is also the big rotten topic of "How Was Your Day?"

I usually answer, "Pretty good." Or maybe, "It sucked because I got robbed in the parking lot." But Emily! Emily is very detailed and chronological about recounting the day's events. "I was so tired this morning because I couldn't sleep maybe it was too much coffee yesterday I don't know but I woke up and had some more coffee with my breakfast but I am out of bananas so I had to put jam on my toast instead and I ran outside today but it was awfully cold and my feet were freezing but at least work was ok because Karen was there today...."

So I try not to ask the question. Instead, I ask more specific questions like, "Did you eat corn for lunch?" She gives a one-word answer and then we can move on to more important things, like what would happen if you put a bear in a hot tub. But the other day, she cornered me. She came in while I was showering and she sat down on the toilet seat to tell me all about her day! I had nowhere to go! She went on and on and I had no choice but to wash my hair and listen.

"I got this new shirt today and I kind of like it but it there was this other shirt on the sale rack that was even nicer but I looked at the tag and it wasn't on sale I asked the girl if it was on sale because it was on the rack she said no so I had to get this shirt instead...."


Friday, January 05, 2007

On Turning 25

On January 12, 2007, I will turn 25. I am not particulary upset about this -- I still have more fun as an adult than I had as a child. Children are not allowed to do lots of things: drinking, sex, weeknight sleepovers, driving to Canada, vacationing with friends. As an adult, I can do whatever I want as long as I can get away from work.

I am, however, reflective. I want a moment of silence for my carefree, invincible youth. Gone are the days of racing down the highway at ridiculously illegal speeds, staying up all night drinking, getting a breakfast sandwich from Brueggers before heading to bed, cutting class on a cold morning, unplanned road trips, riding through a tropical storm on the motorcycles, running out of gas in New Mexico, and peeing in parking lots.


I have decided that drinking and driving is no good. Drinking to get drunk is no good. I started a diet/exercise regimen to get rid of my increasingly soft middle, and I have begun saving for a house. I even have a 401(k) account.

(wipe a tear from my cheek)

I don't know if these changes are because I am getting older, wiser, or more mature. Maybe I've just done enough of all the boneheaded things. Maybe it's because of Emily -- lots of people tend to calm down when they finally meet someone worthwhile. In any case, these changes are not unwelcome.

Having said all this, I am not succumbing to a life of tedium and lameness. We are still going to Niagara Falls to party next weekend and a cruise in another month. Two motorcycle trips are in the works for the warm season. Everything is just more comfortable, less crazy, and better planned.

Rest in peace, my youth. I'll remember you fondly.