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Thursday, April 13, 2006

TiVO and Shitty TV

I recently upgraded my life from version 7.81.0095 to version 7.84.0020

This is a big point release and includes such upgrades as a TiVO, expensive aftershave, and a nice microphone. The aftershave and microphone are nice, but the TiVO changes things. I can now watch Full House reruns whenever I want, which is almost constantly. There is something very satisfying about pressing the Thumbs Down key for bad shows. It is almost worth flipping through all the shitty TV just to press Thumbs Down. That way, someone, somewhere knows that Star Trek sucks.

Which brings me to my next point. This is a used TiVO and its previous owner liked Star Trek a lot, so I have to re-rate all the nerd shows as Three Thumbs Down. I don't even have three thumbs, but for those shows, I'll put someone else's thumb down.


Anonymous Joe said...

This coming from the person that watches Lazy Town and That's So Raven. Has the TiVo suggested Rugrats or Blue's Clues yet?

3:06 AM  

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