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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Lunchtime Surprise

On our walk back from lunch at the crappy Chinese buffet in our building, Courtney and I heard a bunch of claps and saw camera flashes. We walked in the door and there was Q-Artist of the year, James Blunt. Q104 had one of those sold-out-show, meet-the-artist specials where you have to call in to win tickets. We heard a bunch of dumb questions and then two acoustic songs. Believe it or not, one of them was, "You're Beautiful." What pisses me off is that his songs, when pared down to an acoustic guitar and his voice, are no better than mine. I have heard so many better artists, even just at little clubs. That means I need to learn to produce my songs better if I want to be a Q-Artist. And I do.

It was still a nice break from the day to hear James Blunt play about 30 feet away in a room of maybe 40 people. Holy shit, do those Q DJ's suck. All they asked about was his sex life. They are so on-the-edge! The corporations can't keep them down! This is what happens when you have arbitrary rules -- people spend too much time almost breaking them.

Man DJ: OK, let's take a question from the audience.
Girl: Hi, James. My name is Christine and my question is this. Would you sleep with me?
Woman DJ: Ooh. Good one, Christine!
James Blunt: Umm, my songs are about--
Man DJ: How many women have you slept with so far, James? I'm at four.
Woman DJ: How big is your penis?
James Blunt: Maybe I'll sing a song now.

Now I don't have to pay the $30 for a ticket. Not that I would have paid in the first place.. So it's not quite like getting $30 for free; it's more like getting a $30 gift certificate to Gap Kids.


Blogger Courtney said...

For anyone who sees the photo from your camera phone...this is what our favorite Q artist really looks like!

6:56 PM  

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