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Friday, January 06, 2006

Coming of Age

I was in the gym yesterday, drying off, when I noticed hair growing in new places. It was on my back! I felt like the boy from those puberty videos in junior high.

Little Scotty: Uh, Coach? Can I talk to you about something?
Coach Stroker: Sure, thing, Little Scotty. What's on your mind?
LS: Well... I've been noticing some changes lately on my body and also in my mind.
CS: You better shut the door. And the blinds. Lock it, would you? Yes, that's right. Now. What about your body?
LS: It's my penis, Coach.
CS: Well, Little Scotty. You've come to the right place, because I've seen a lot of penis in my days.
LS: That is weird.
CS: Nonsense. Now pull down those Levi's and let's have us a look. If you could bend over for a few minutes, I am going to check you for butthole cancer.

Except instead of the gay pedophile dialogue, there was only me in front of a mirror.


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