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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Travel Review: Fort Stockton, TX

It was Summer, 2005. It was hot, we were still hungover from New Orleans, and we were verging on completion of the 800+ mile journey westward across Texas on I-10. Despite all this, we were not happy about landing in Fort Stockton for the night. The whole town was closed for the night except for a KFC/Taco Bell. Taco Bell is more authentic in Texas, with real Mexicans working there!

The only reason to visit Fort Stockton is the pretty little Mexican girl at the KFC/Taco Bell who called me "Sir." I forget her name, but it was probably Maria. She was the second girl we had seen in two or three days after spending days with no one to look at but each other, so who knows if she was even all that pretty. She might have been like Carrie Fisher in Star Wars -- the only female in a movie full of mutants and dudes becomes beautiful by the end no matter who she is.

Official Rating: 1.7 (out of 10)


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